St. Petersburg, 16 November 2013

1. General provisions

1.1. In accordance with article 437 of the Russian Federation Civil Code this document, addressed to any individual who has reached the age of consent and wishes to donate funds towards the production and marketing of the full-length, patriotic feature film Panfilov's 28 Men, hereinafter the “Sponsor”, is an official, public, and irrevocable proposal by Sole Trader Andrei Gennadievich Shalion, acting on the basis of Sole Trader’s Licence No. 312784721300925 of 31.06.2012, hereinafter the “Project Owner”, to conclude an agreement under the terms specified below.

1.2. The donation of funds by the Sponsor as defined in section 5 of this proposal constitutes the full and unconditional acceptance of this public proposal.

1.3. Acceptance of this proposal means that the Sponsor agrees with all the provisions of this proposal, and is equivalent to signing a sponsorship agreement.

1.4. This proposal is valid for the whole period during which sponsorship – funding for the production and marketing of the full-length, patriotic feature film Panfilov’s 28 Men (hereinafter the “Project”) – is being collected.

1.5. Funding for the Project is being collected via the online crowdfunding platform at the following url:

2. Subject of the contract

2.1. In accordance with this agreement, the Sponsor provides assistance in the form of a transfer of funds for the production and marketing of the full-length, patriotic feature film Panfilov’s 28 Men. Funding for the Project is donated by the Sponsor, in any way that may be convenient, via the website

2.2. The Sponsor determines the amount they wish to contribute to the Project, but that amount may not be less than the amount stipulated in the technical conditions for participating in the Project and accepting payment, available on the website at

2.3. The Project Owner agrees to express his gratitude to the Sponsor by including a reference in the film’s credits to the fact that funding for the production of the film was voluntarily donated by a Sponsor.

2.4. The Project Owner agrees to include in the credits general information about the Sponsor (full name or name of legal entity) if the Sponsor expresses a wish for said information to be included in the credits and notifies the Project Organizer of such information in writing within no more than 30 (thirty) calendar days after the date of payment.

3. Rights of the Parties

3.1. The Project Owner agrees:

3.1.1. To use the Sponsor’s donation, less fees owed to the payment system for the transfer of funds to the Project Owner’s account, for the purposes specified in this agreement.

3.2. The Sponsor agrees:

3.2.1. Not to compel the Project Owner to make any changes to the Project or screenplay during filming, or to influence the Project Owner in any other way as a result of which the Project may be halted and/or shut down.

3.2.2. Not to compel the Project Owner to circulate any information except that specified in clause 2.4 of this agreement.

4. Other Terms and Conditions

4.1. Should force majeure conditions arise that prevent the Parties from carrying out their contractual obligations according to this agreement, the Parties shall be released from liability for non-fulfilment of their contractual obligations.

4.2. Any disputes arising as part of this agreement are to be resolved by the Parties. If a resolution cannot be reached, the dispute is to be referred to the courts in accordance with applicable Russian Federation law.

5. Final provisions

5.1. This agreement enters into force the moment the Sponsor donates funds for the Project via, which constitutes the Sponsor’s full and unconditional acceptance of the agreement for this public sponsorship proposal.

5.2. This agreement shall remain in force until the Parties have fulfilled all of their contractual obligations.

6. Project Owner’s details
Project Owner:
Sole Trader Andrei Gennadievich Shalion
Registered address: Flat 86, Block 2, 24 Ulitsa Marshala Kazakova, St. Petersburg
Passport series 4005 No. 868030
Issued by: 82nd Police Department, Krasnoselsky District, St. Petersburg,
30.03.2006, division code: 782-082
Date of birth: 19.02.1972
OGRNIP 312784721300925
Pension certificate: 007-562-364-41
INN 780705407395
Tel: + 7 921 996 15 18